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Winner of Canton Repository's 2018 & 2019 Best of the Best Real Estate Agent

Joey Marino III is a Realtor for Whipple Auction & Realty based out out Canton, Ohio. Joey has property listings for both residential and commercial properties in Stark County and all over North East Ohio. Coming from a family who runs a brokerage firm, Joey has always known that he would end up in the real estate business. He started by assisting in appraising residential real estate property after he graduated from high school while pursuing a degree in Computer Science. With his solid background in Information Technology and passion for marketing and real estate, Joey found an innovative way to pave his way inside the real estate business: combining internet marketing with real estate.

Joey is already an experienced realtor, with more than 16 years of hands on experience in real estate. However, he uses his young age to his advantage, as he integrates social media and advanced internet techniques to help market his business and properties.

According to Joey, he finds buyers from all over the country using his social networking skills and is apparently up against large real estate companies in America. He uses SEO tactics as well as syndication services to promote his websites and to lead more potential buyers and sellers to his websites.

When asked about what he enjoys the most in the real estate business, he said, “What I enjoy most is when my clients are satisfied with the job I did. They write testimonials, I get lots of referrals and they become my friends afterwards.”

Realtor Based out of Canton, Ohio in Stark County.
- Selling Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Northeast Ohio
- Sell by Auction or Listing
- Free Buyer's Agent Representation
- Experienced Third Generation Realtor
- Dedicated, Hard Working, Professional, Friendly, Caring
- Utilizing latest in internet and mobile technology
- Advanced real estate sales marketing strategies
- Specializing in exclusive real estate or specialty properties
- First Time Home Buyers, Upgrade Home Buyers, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Auctions
- Excellent support staff and sales team
- Low costs and high returns
- Many testimonials from past clients


Ohio Realtor, Real Estate, Helping Home Buyers and Sellers, Web Development Consulting, Short Sales, Exclusive Real Estate, Website Development

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